Any emotion and sound is fair game; from a wicked techno wonderland, to epic ‘anthemic’ rock, intimate acoustic serenades, or off into experimental euphoria.

Satyen’s music has many faces, and many sounds. His influences are always changing and expanding, but a few bands that have been a consistent source of inspiration are Radiohead, Beck, and The Flaming Lips. Satyen creates his music with the tools at hand, which mostly consists of his Voice, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizers, and Drum Machines. Occasionally he might invite a live Drummer to help, for a more organic feel.

Satyen’s name comes from the Sanskrit word “Satya”, which loosely translates to “Truth”. An American pronunciation would be “Sah-tee-yen”…Satyen’s musical journey as a singer/songwriter/composer/performer started in Boulder, CO. His main instruments are Guitar and Piano. After he graduated from the music school at the University of Colorado at Boulder (Piano) in 2003, he started to play in various Reggae and African bands as a Lead Guitarist. In 2004, he put together a band called Jiva Train. This band was focused on performing his music, which had influences from Rock, Latin, Jazz, Funk, Classical, and Experimental music. Immediately after their last show in the summer of 2008, Satyen decided to start focusing on recording and releasing his music as a solo artist. He still continues to collaborate with other artists whenever the opportunity arises.

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